Objective of Punjab Urdu Academy

The Aims and Objects for which the society is formed are to promote Urdu Language in the State as given below:

  1. To encourage propagation, study and promotion of Urdu Language and its literature in the State.
  2. To encourage research and creative literature.
  3. To undertake the publication of standard books and journals.
  4. To arrange group discussions, study circles, seminars, conferences, symposia etc.
  5. To undertake and encourage translation and transliteration of standard works from other languages into Urdu (Persian Script) and vice versa.
  6. To award fellowships to Urdu writers who have done commendable work in their respective field.
  7. To give financial help to writers of their dependents in stringent circumstances.
  8. To promote production and sale of Urdu literature.
  9. To honour Urdu literatures of high repute.
  10. To run Urdu classes for teaching Urdu language and literature.
  11. To start Urdu correspondence courses.
  12. To give pension to the outstanding but needy Urdu writers.
  13. To award financial assistance to Urdu writers for publication of their works in Urdu.
  14. To award prizes for best literary works and best printing.
  15. To compile best literature of the year.
  16. To start and run a Central Urdu Library in the State.
  17. To constitute such committee or committees or such study groups or working groups as the academy may consider necessary for the performance of its functions.
  18. To subscribe to or to co-ordinate with other institutions having objectives similar to those of the academy in such a manner as may be conducive to the realization of their common objects and to depute its member(s) to serve on the committee of those institutions as its representative(s);and
  19. To perform such other functions as may be deemed necessary by the academy for advancing the cause of the Urdu language and literature or as may be necessary, incidental or conductive to the realization of all or any of the above objects.
  20. To encourage or perform any other activity for the promotion of Urdu.